[Python-Dev] Python sidebar for Mozilla/Netscape

Skip Montanaro skip@pobox.com
Thu, 4 Apr 2002 21:32:30 -0600

    >> I saw all the other responses so far, and while it looks cute, I can
    >> only think of two reasons to use Mozilla/NS6: testing for
    >> compatibility and escape from MS.

    David> Mark's sidebar is not a server feature, it's a client add-on.  I
    David> agree that server features which require a particular browser are
    David> of limited interest if you don't have a particular audience in
    David> mind who has that browser.

My last words on the subject.  I realize it's not really fodder for this

I don't think it really matters if the neat trick is server-side or
client-side.  By using such stuff you encourage the browser authors to
create more non-standard ways of doing things.  Many of those things they
create do wind up on the server side, so they do reduce the "portability"
(probably not the correct term) of the web.

I just love it when I visit a website and it tells me that my browser is
"too old" for its advanced features (Opera 6.0 beta 1)...