[Python-Dev] Python sidebar for Mozilla/Netscape

Skip Montanaro skip@pobox.com
Fri, 5 Apr 2002 10:33:58 -0600

    Guido> I don't think so -- the google.py code doesn't read the Google
    Guido> output, it tells your browser to read it.  Big difference.
    Guido> (urlopen(), on the other hand, would be a no-no.)

Correct.  I think they want to avoid automated systems that tweak a webpage,
see how placement is affected, tweak it again, etc.  Also, if you notice
their links, they redirect through Google itself:


(I don't think they used to do this, but I'm not certain.)  I'm sure they
use click frequency as a component of their relevance algorithm.  A program
running through those links would adversely affect their scoring algorithm.