[Python-Dev] Searching Python docs (Was: Python sidebar for Mozilla/Netscape)

Tim Peters tim.one@comcast.net
Fri, 05 Apr 2002 17:07:51 -0500

[John Machin]
> (On Windows) using the .CHM file provided by Hernan Foffani;
> can copy from another application and paste into the search or index
> window; with your example, index also shows 7 other functions/macros
> matching ^_?PyObject_GC -- very handy.
> Is it a FAQ why this kit is not in the Pythonlabs Win32 distribution
> instead of the "bunch of HTML files" kit?

Nope -- IIRC, you're the first to ask.

> I understand that it's in the Activestate dist'n.

I'm not clear on "it's" referrent; I suspect ActiveState rolls its own doc
packages.  If Fred volunteers to produce .chm files in time for a release,
I'll ship 'em.  Don't hold your breath <wink>.

our-support-for-the-windows-distro-is-bug-driven-ly y'rs  - tim