[Python-Dev] PEP 287: reStructuredText Standard Docstring Format

Fredrik Lundh fredrik@pythonware.com
Sat, 6 Apr 2002 15:21:37 +0200

Samuele Pedroni wrote:

> > do you need a PEP, or is it okay if I just post some code?
> Code please, see code is less controversial than PEPs...

some code can be found via this link:


the pythondoc parser can handle all modules in the xmltoys
kit, but it hasn't been tested with much external code.  out-
puts both (preliminary, rather simple-minded) XML and a truly
minimalistic HTML variant.

requires Python 2.2 at the moment; haven't tested it under
Jython yet.

see TODO entries in xmltoys/PythonDoc for a list of known

enjoy /F