[Python-Dev] Searching Python docs (Was: Python sidebar for Mozilla/Netscape)

Hernan Martinez Foffani hernan@orgmf.com.ar
Sun, 7 Apr 2002 03:12:45 +0200

I'm not subscribed to the list, but just saw this when lurking
through the archives.

>> If Fred volunteers to produce .chm files in time for a release,
>> I'll ship 'em.  Don't hold your breath <wink>.
>> our-support-for-the-windows-distro-is-bug-driven-ly y'rs  - tim

I thought that Fred were now releasing them because I saw the link
in python.org.

> .... The only (substantial) reason I've not been building the
> HTML Help version is that I've not had the time to figure out
> how to do it.  I don't think it's all that difficult, but I need
> to spend a little time with it and make sure I understand the tools.

I'll be glad to help you whenever you tackle this. (email me)

[John Machin]
> (3) A script can be developed [Hernan presumably has at least the
> foundation for this] to create the .chm file from the .html files
> so that producing the .chm file at release time requires neither
> volunteer nor conscript intervention ...

The script and the procedure to build them are in web site:
Running the script takes less than 15 minutes but...

> Possibly, but the idea that a new software process involving
> many megabytes of data won't create new time sinks isn't credible
> to me. 

Sure. For instance, I bet that one big nuisance for Fred
is that the help compiler won't run under Unix so it can't be
automated under the make docs. He will have to change OS or PC
back and forth if he has to modify the latex sources, etc.
Besides, the script parses the HTML files to pickup some relevant
data (headers to build the TOC) so it can be sensitive to changes
in the template and/or the latex2html program.

--WRT win32 installers--
> ... I doubt PLabs will ever produce an MSI installer.
> ActiveState's installers have been better for some time already,
> and I expect the gap to widen.

The Windows user has many (I know of three) options to choose to
install Python and all for free. Right now, PLabs' installer is
pretty cool, I don't think we really need more fancy things here.

BTW, if PLabs ever decide to add an HTML Help file a minor change
will be needed in IDLE code.

Thanks and regards,