[Python-Dev] Pondering some changes to python.c...

Bernhard Herzog bh@intevation.de
07 Apr 2002 21:04:46 +0200

Andrew Koenig <ark@research.att.com> writes:

> You might want to be careful about LD_LIBRARY_PATH -- if the executable
> is built for dynamic linking, and it needs a library that's not in
> /usr/lib, mightn't changing LD_LIBRARY_PATH cause it to fail?

It's likely that LD_LIBRARY_PATH won't work at all for setuid/setguid
binaries. On Linux at least, ld.so ignores LD_LIBRARY_PATH for such
executables. If it didn't you'd be able to substitute libc and other
libraries a dynamically linked setuid executable uses which would be
quite a huge security hole. I'm not sure how this is handled on other
systems, though.


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