[Python-Dev] Developer resources (was Re: Stability and change)

Fred L. Drake, Jr. fdrake@acm.org
Tue, 9 Apr 2002 01:32:56 -0400

Aahz writes:
 > * Create a python-dev-tutor list for people who want to learn how to
 > participate in Python development.

Not sure that's really the right approach.  I'd rather see more effort
go to persistent resources (like www.python.org/dev/; thanks
Andrew!).  Questions can reasonably be sent to python-dev and can feed
the expansion & update of that material.

 > * Make the current CVS build available on some semi-public machine like
 > Starship (and by "available", I mean compiled).

I like this idea.  That could be done for both the development and
maintenance branches (whatever we call them), and can be supported by
volunteers on the starship.  The "buildmeister" would not need to be a
core developer at all, though perhaps should check the python-dev and
python-checkins archives before deciding the time is right for a

(BTW, is the Starship membership closed now?  If so, the starship home
page should be updated.)

It would also be good to come up with an automated build-&-test
procedure, so we can run something tindbox-style to keep a handle on
state of the tree.  This would be really good if we can get volunteers
to provide build services on machines of different platforms.


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