[Python-Dev] Multiple revisions [was: Re: Stability and change]

Jacob HallÚn jacob@strakt.com
Tue, 09 Apr 2002 13:35:58 +0200

Guido van Rossum wrote:
>>/ It would help to some degree if the "stable" releases could be shown
/>>/ to have SOME kind of enhancement.  Not as much as if language
/>>/ changes which did not break existing correct code could also be
/>>/ there, but some.  Modules such as email are a big part of the draw
/>>/ of 2.2, for example (not quite as big as language-level enhancements,
/>>/ but big).
> Now there's a good proposal.  But it costs time and effort that takes
> away from our main mission (and PythonLabs is already under a lot of
> pressure).  I wonder if there's a commercial market for this?  Maybe
> ActiveState could back-port important packages or language changes and
> insert them into ActivePython?

You can significantly reduce the time needed to apply patches to several
versions of your software by using a smart revision control system.

I recently discovered "arch", which has been designed to handle multiple
parallell versions. It is a marvel, and it comes with really good
descriptions of how to handle the problem in practice. I know that
Linus Torvalds is considering it for the Linux kernel.


Jacob HallÚn