[Python-Dev] Multiple revisions [was: Re: Stability and change]

Jacob HallÚn jacob@strakt.com
Wed, 10 Apr 2002 16:22:47 +0200

>>/ You can significantly reduce the time needed to apply patches to seve=
/>>/ versions of your software by using a smart revision control system.
/>>/ I recently discovered "arch", which has been designed to handle multiple
/>>/ parallell versions. It is a marvel, and it comes with really good
/>>/ descriptions of how to handle the problem in practice. I know that
/>>/ Linus Torvalds is considering it for the Linux kernel.
/>>/ http://regexps.com/
> If I had to start over, I'd be happy to consider arch (and Perforce,
> and Bitkeeper, and, oh, why not, Subversion).  As it is, this would
> mean ripping out the foundation from our development process --
> everything we do is tied to CVS on SF.  So, unless arch runs on top
> of an existing CVS setup, too bad.

Perforce, Bitkeeper and Subversion are all "better-breed-CVS" solutions,
while I consider arch to be a "better-breed-revision-control-system".
Unfortunately it currently doesn't have an import mechanism that will keep
all your CVS history, so I understand that it is not an option at this

However, it is a young project, having its first alpha release on Jan 16
of this year. At the current development pace, we may see the CVS import
functionality very soon. I have sent a question about this to Tom Lord.

Jacob HallÚn