[Python-Dev] Stability and Change

Neil Schemenauer nas@python.ca
Wed, 10 Apr 2002 10:48:12 -0700

Skip Montanaro wrote:
> From where I sit this seems untenable, simply because what you're proposing
> is going to require having three or four release managers at the same time,
> each managing bugfixes and (what was the term?) "minor features" for a
> previous release.  Ain't no way I'm going to backport a change to three
> previous releases.

Good point.  If developing Python becomes more tedious we are going to
end up with less developers.  I know my interest will wane if I have to
backport my changes to two or three older branches.

Frankly, it seems to me that the people complaining about the rate of
change are unwilling to put their money where their mouth.  Why should I
volunteer my time to help them when I get no benefit from it?  Python is
stable enough for me.  I have no trouble making my code or the
approximately 100,000 SLOC written by the MEMS Exchange work with the
latest release.

Based on resources available the Python project I think we are doing a
nearly optimal job.