[Python-Dev] Re: Stability and change

Tim Peters tim.one@comcast.net
Wed, 10 Apr 2002 21:11:00 -0400

> SF does provide reports.  E.g. go to
> ...
> and see that recently we've gotten much better at closing bugs
> quickly, and that the last 6 weeks or so we've started to reduce the
> number of open bugs (after letting them slip since Dec 2001 :-).

Big caution:  the easiest way to get a dramatic improvement in the "Average
Turnaround Time For Closed Items" graph is to leave old bugs open forever.
That statistic appears to mean exactly what it says!  This is why, e.g., if
you look at that report by days, you can see it plummet from 27 on
2002-02-2o down to 1.75 on the next day.  I thought Mark Hammond was going
to kill us when he closed a slew of moldy old Windows bugs last week <wink>.