[Python-Dev] Java-ing Python /2

vmilitaru@sympatico.ca vmilitaru@sympatico.ca
Thu, 11 Apr 2002 10:39:49 -0500

On second thought, making python parser understand java source is not as
interesting as first thought, because what I am really looking for above
anything else is to have python 'source'. With python understanding java,
I am still stuck with the java source. So a source-to-source java-to-python
translator tool is still the only way to go for me. Still, in my opinion
it would be quite an interesting feature if python could make the addition
of other grammars as easily as adding a new python module. A new grammar
module would basically be a map of the foreign language to the python tokens. 
And a mechanism to deal with non-mappable features of the foreign language.


PS. If anyone knows of a tool to automate java-to-py source translation, 
do share your links, please. 
In the mean time, I'll attempt to do just that in ANTLR.