[Python-Dev] Porting bug fixes (was A "new" kind of leak)

Michael Hudson mwh@python.net
13 Apr 2002 11:40:15 +0100

The bits I forgot:

Michael Hudson <mwh@python.net> writes:

> What I'm saying is, if getting fixes into the tree is awkward for
> you, don't worry about it /too/ much.

the major downside to this problem is that I need to read
python-checkins pretty assiduously.

There may be a way around this... thinking aloud, I could subscribe
say mwh-busybee@python.net to -checkins which I could get qmail to run
through a script that would scan the checkin message for a key phrase
("bugfix" suggests itself) and drop the message on the floor if it
doesn't contain the phrase and put it into an appropriate gnus folder
if it does...

So what I'm suggesting is that if you want a checkin to be ported to
release22-maint you should add a specific bit of text to the chickin
message.  Does this seem reasonable?

Another random point: it would be nice if on checking a bugfix into
HEAD people *said* if *they* planned to port the fix themselves.
Otherwise I see the message that says "bugfix candidate", hit they key
that copies it into my special bugfixes folder, then read on and find
it's already been ported and have to go and find the copy and delete
it.  TIA.


  The "of course, while I have no problem with this at all, it's
  surely too much for a lesser being" flavor of argument always
  rings hollow to me.                       -- Tim Peters, 29 Apr 1998