[Python-Dev] Porting bug fixes (was A "new" kind of leak)

Martin v. Loewis martin@v.loewis.de
13 Apr 2002 12:48:23 +0200

Michael Hudson <mwh@python.net> writes:

> So what I'm suggesting is that if you want a checkin to be ported to
> release22-maint you should add a specific bit of text to the chickin
> message.  Does this seem reasonable?

If you need a specific phrase, just announce that (preferably,
document it somewhere also on python.org/dev).

> Another random point: it would be nice if on checking a bugfix into
> HEAD people *said* if *they* planned to port the fix themselves.
> Otherwise I see the message that says "bugfix candidate", hit they key
> that copies it into my special bugfixes folder, then read on and find
> it's already been ported and have to go and find the copy and delete
> it.

If I'm going to commit the same patch onto the maintainance branch, I
usually don't mark it as "bugfix candidate".