[Python-Dev] A "new" kind of leak

Neil Hodgson nhodgson@bigpond.net.au
Sun, 14 Apr 2002 07:35:26 +1000

Tim Peters:

> I think it took about 4x longer than it would have *just* to fix it in the
> head.  This surprised me.  In retrospect, though, it doesn't:  obviously,
> there's twice as much of everything (twice as many checkins to do, twice
> many files to edit, twice as many tests to run, etc), and there's no
> "economy of scale".  But it's worse than just that, because there are
> endless little costs switching between them, and especially on Windows
> I use a GUI to build (and have to poke around finding the right project
> to load), and changing directories in a DOS box is clumsy, and I also
> ...

   Are you aware of the ability to build Visual C++ projects from the
command line just like good old make files? Like this:

msdev SciLexer.dsp /MAKE "SciLexer - Win32 Release" /REBUILD

   Whenever I finish a significant change to my code base I run a batch
script that builds 7 different targets with 3 different compilers. If this
had to run up the MSVC GUI for the 3 MSVC projects I'd never bother.

   For documentation, search for "useenv" in the on-line help. Also works
for workspaces.

   Windows developers do put up with a lot but there is a limit.