[Python-Dev] Building on Windows (was Re: A "new" kind of leak)

Michael Hudson mwh@python.net
15 Apr 2002 11:39:16 +0100

Neil Schemenauer <nas@python.ca> writes:

> Tim Peters wrote:
> > The automation I've written beyond that is unique to me (which isn't
> > good), and relies on batch run-capture-parse facilities supplied by my
> > editor (which is worse, since I'm its only known user <wink>).
> Source Insight?  I tried it out yesterday.  It looks pretty cool.  If
> they ported it to Linux (Qt?) I would consider spending the $250 for it.
> Unfortunately it crashes under the latest version of Wine.  I'm going to
> have to look at cscope one of these days.

cscope's occasionally handy.  I find it unwieldy when you have source
files spread among several directories (though this may be user
stupidity), and TBH I know the bits of the Python source I regularly
beat on well enough that I can usually find definitions as fast by
hand/grep as I can with cscope.  It's more useful when in unfamiliar


  The "of course, while I have no problem with this at all, it's
  surely too much for a lesser being" flavor of argument always
  rings hollow to me.                       -- Tim Peters, 29 Apr 1998