[Python-Dev] Porting bug fixes (was A "new" kind of leak)

Michael Hudson mwh@python.net
15 Apr 2002 13:22:26 +0100

Tim Peters <tim.one@comcast.net> writes:

> [Michael Hudson]
> > ...
> > So what I'm suggesting is that if you want a checkin to be ported to
> > release22-maint you should add a specific bit of text to the chickin
> > message.  Does this seem reasonable?
> Yes, but you have to Pronounce on which specific bit of text you want to
> see.

I realise this.  It will probably be something along the lines of

AutoPorter: 21, 22

(assuming you intend the fix to be applied to release21-maint and
release22-maint).  This obviously needs to be something everyone knows
about, so I'll document it under www.python.org/dev in large friendly

It's also likely that this will result in an email back saying "do it
yourself" if up -j can't do it (i.e. returns non-zero exit status).

> It's going to get much more complicated if we intend to backport fixes
> across 2 or 3 years of older releases.  I predict that's not going to work
> unless we establish an easy-to-update patch database recording which patches
> have and haven't been applied to each old release, which should and
> shouldn't be applied to each old release, and everyone is serious about
> keeping that up to date.  

I've had similar thoughts.  Maybe it's time to learn about CGI...

> I'm not aware of any commerical organizations with full-time QA
> departments that sign up for something so messy, and I'm not
> sanguine about our prospects of pulling it off (the older the code,
> the more likely "a bugfix" is to create at least as many problems as
> it solves; and the more active branches, the more likely fixes to
> get dropped on the floor).


> > Another random point: it would be nice if on checking a bugfix into
> > HEAD people *said* if *they* planned to port the fix themselves.
> > Otherwise I see the message that says "bugfix candidate", hit they key
> > that copies it into my special bugfixes folder, then read on and find
> > it's already been ported and have to go and find the copy and delete
> > it.  TIA.
> I already do all that stuff, so stop yelling at me <wink>.

Well, I can't remember who has done this to me, but people have.

> [Martin v. Loewis]
> > If I'm going to commit the same patch onto the maintainance branch, I
> > usually don't mark it as "bugfix candidate".

If I can be awkward (and in fact, even if I can't <wink>), I'd like to
ask for more than that; sometimes people forget to mark bugfix
candidates.  So I'd like "I am going to check this in to the 22
branch".  At least until I get more automation (at which point if you
forget to mark your checkin, tough titties).


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