[Python-Dev] core out of select.so

Geoff Gerrietts geoff-pdev@gerrietts.net
Wed, 17 Apr 2002 12:34:15 -0700

I'm currently able to pretty reliably produce a core file using Zope
2.5.0 and Python 2.1.3 on a box based on RedHat 6.2. The core is
produced due to a segfault, from in select.so.

I can look at the backtrace, and I've done some preliminary inspection
of the active code object, the call out to select.so, etc. I haven't
learned much as a consequence of that, unfortunately: the args passed
to the C function don't appear to be a valid python object (can't
access the type object), though the function seems okay; and I don't
appear to have a filename for my code object (just /). 

My backtraces appear to vary in quality (not sure why) -- sometimes I
get all the symbols I expect, sometimes I get no symbols at all. The
best traceback I have at the moment (though I

I'm writing now in the hopes that some of the regulars here have some
standard recipes for extracting useful information from the backtraces
that I might get something approaching a reconstruction of the python
code that's being executed, and the arguments that are being supplied.

If nobody's got any hints, that's fine, I'm still working on it -- but
if you do, I'd appreciate it.


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