[Python-Dev] core out of select.so

Geoff Gerrietts geoff-pdev@gerrietts.net
Wed, 17 Apr 2002 16:09:30 -0700

Quoting Martin v. Loewis (martin@v.loewis.de):
> Geoff Gerrietts <geoff-pdev@gerrietts.net> writes:
> > But color me ignorant if you wish; I have no idea how to go about
> > verifying or testing these conditions, or even how the C stack is
> > different from the thread stack (if it is in fact different). What
> > kind of more information can I dig around and provide you?
> I agree with Andrew: Post what you have somewhere, preferably on
> SF. It may be that nobody can offer a clue; we'll have to see.

I opened the bug and included a represntative backtrace. I'm not sure
if I can attach an additional one; I suppose a tarfile or zipfile
would have been a sensible alternative. The tracebacks are essentially
identical anyway, as the report says.



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