[Python-Dev] SF tracker groups ongoing...

Anthony Baxter Anthony Baxter <anthony@interlink.com.au>
Tue, 23 Apr 2002 15:44:34 +1000

> > but we should definately consider using "2.x.y" instead of "2.x.1",
> > "2.x.2", etc.
> It's good to know which specific version of Python a bug was reported
> against, and e.g. "2.1.1" is more informative than "2.x.y".  Perhaps the
> unspoken assumption here is that you and/or Anthony want the Group to
> identify ... what?  Something else, I guess <wink>.

It would be nice to know the version, yes, but I'm more looking for 
things like 'to what does this bug apply'? That a bug was reported 
against 2.0.1 is completely irrelevant if it's a new bug which has
lurked for years. As it is, with the poor filtering and display options
available through SF, I can't say 'show me all outstanding 2.1.x bugs'.

> > No idea.  Is anyone planning to do such a merge [of Feature Requests
> > into Bugs]? 
> Not that I know of.

Given the nastiness of working with the trackers, perhaps this isn't 
a good idea after all. I don't see how we can get the FRs out of the bug 
tracker, tho.

(I think I'm just spoilt having Richard sitting in the same office. I can
ask him to make our roundup do what we want, assuming I can't do it myself...)

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