[Python-Dev] Re: LOAD_NAME & classes

François Pinard pinard@iro.umontreal.ca
23 Apr 2002 15:27:37 -0400

[Guido van Rossum]

> I was sad because Perl seemed to use dynamic scoping when you declare a
> local variable.  Tim has since explained that Perl's local is in fact
> ancient.  I'm also sad that Perl doesn't default to locals, but that's
> not my problem.


I've been using Perl since Perl 1, all the way to Perl 5.  When the `local()'
declaration appeared, probably around Perl 2 or Perl 3 (I do not remember), I
started using it everywhere in an effort of protecting each procedure against
each other.  It was also a convenient way to give names to formal arguments,
through "local(name1, name2, ...) = @_" as the first statement in a `sub'.

When "my(LIST)" appeared, one or two major releases later, I progressively
converted all my programs to use it, as it is more in the spirit of what
I wanted.  The overall impression that was left to me is that a lot of
declarations are needed, anyway, if you consistently aim clean Perl scripts.

So, there is now an "our(...)" declaration in Perl?  Hopefully, it will
not miss me much! :-) And who remembers the "own" specifier of Algol-60? :-)

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