[Python-Dev] Re: LOAD_NAME & classes

Michael Gilfix mgilfix@eecs.tufts.edu
Tue, 23 Apr 2002 15:59:22 -0400

  Upon futher reflection, I would agree with you. It's something I
find slightly confusing when I first started with python - what the
best method sharing a global instance is. I agree any such mechanism
needs to be well thought out though. Perhaps some good documentation
is the best solution.

              -- Mike

On Tue, Apr 23 @ 15:49, François Pinard wrote:
> I already use `config' (that precise identifier) a lot in my things,
> so please do not even _think_ using it for something else! :-) :-)
> For small projects, such a thing might be overkill.  For big projects,
> there are a few (maybe many) avenues and ways how to achieve this sharing,
> and I'm glad having the freedom of installing subtle nuances between
> projects, as needed.  That is, I would fear a bit being pulled in an
> arbitrary direction: it would have to be convincingly damned good. :-)
> Better, maybe, would be to merely document some of the possible avenues.
> Most of these require only a tiny investment in lines of code anyway.

Michael Gilfix

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