[Python-Dev] iterzip()

Tim Peters tim.one@comcast.net
Sun, 28 Apr 2002 21:59:57 -0400

[Raymond Hettinger]
> ...
> Will do.  I think the resistance to moving the functionals will be
> fierce.  Divmod probably has very few instances in real code.  I think
> __pow__ would need to be left in (as the ** that calls it), but the
> function itself may be used only rarely.

I suggest you don't slash your chances of success by expanding the scope
beyond what you really want.  Python is a pleasant language for integer
number-crunching code, and some people (I happen to be one of them) have
hundreds of instances of divmod and 3-argument pow() in their code (note
that the latter cannot be spelled via **).

People have been asking for "something like" enumerate() for 10 years, and
that's the right amount of time to test that it's really wanted <wink>.
Contrarily, people have only been whining about input() for a couple of
years (I use it all the time -- and now that you know that I do, I *dare*
you to crack my home box as a result <wink>).  This thread is the first time
I ever saw anyone complain about divmod().  The confusion about builin pow()
vs math.pow vs ** is old but infrequent.

-1-on-gratuitous-fiddling-ly y'rs  - tim