[Python-Dev] timeoutsocket patch

Andrew MacIntyre andymac@bullseye.apana.org.au
Wed, 1 May 2002 00:46:34 +1100 (edt)

On Mon, 29 Apr 2002, Bernard Yue wrote:

> Just found http://www.ia.amu.edu.pl/edm2/0401/socket3.html on the
> web.    The documentation above mentioned select() support in IBM TCP/IP
> development toolkit for OS/2.  So maybe OS/2 support select().  I
> remember TCP/IP support for OS/2 comes as an optional package of IBM LAN
> Manager client, back in 94-95.  Am I correct, Andrew?  Anyway, since you
> have access to OS/2, can you help us to dig in a bit?

I only have v4 (not v4.5 or eCS), but its still treated there as a
"optional" package, certainly from the point of view of maintenance.

I don't have VAC++ or a complete set of API docs either, but it wouldn't
surprise me that select() is available in the socket library, exclusively
for sockets.

I use EMX, which has a select() that does what needs to be done to support
sockets as well as files and (I think) pipes.

I hope to have a look at your bits this weekend.  Will let you know what

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