[Python-Dev] ServerSocket patch

Michael Gilfix mgilfix@eecs.tufts.edu
Tue, 30 Apr 2002 16:15:48 -0400

  I've just logged the small patch to ServerSocket.py into sourceforge
that "fixes", or rather makes apparent the bug Bernard had discovered
when writing his unit test for the socket module. The fix was simple:
in keeping with the style of the module, a member variable was added
to the ThreadingMixIn class 'daemon_threads' which decideds whether
threads start in daemon mode. Thus to fix the server problem in the
previous thread of convo, Bernard needed to do:

class ThreadingTCPServer( SocketServer.ThreadingMixIn, MyTCPServer):
    daemon_threads = 1

  for his final version of the server. Or until this patch is
accepted, he could subclass off the threadingMixIn class and change
the process_request function.

  The patch is #550765 in SF.

              -- Mike

Michael Gilfix

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