[Python-Dev] Adding popen2 like functionality to pty.py

Rasjid Wilcox rasjidw@openminddev.net
Sun, 4 Aug 2002 01:01:05 +1000

Dear Python Developers,

I have submited a patch to add a popen2 like function to the pty.py library.

It is just a first draft, and I'm happy to develop it further if there is 
interest.  If so, I will do some docs and have a look at the test library for 
it.  I would also be looking for some guidance on the best way to resolve 
some issues.

I'm new to Python and its development process, so I'm hoping I have not broken 
any rules by not waiting a response via the patch manager before posting to 

I would like to contribute to Python, as I think it is a truly delightful 
language.  I don't have a computer science background as such, more pure 
mathematics (set theory, group theory, logic etc). I don't know C (yet), so I 
would be looking to work on the pure Python libraries, or help create new 
ones.  I'm also willing to help with documentation.