[Python-Dev] cvs crash while updating Doc

Jack Jansen Jack.Jansen@oratrix.com
Tue, 6 Aug 2002 23:49:12 +0200

I've stared at this for a while now, and I'm out of good ideas, 
so if anyone has any idea how to debug this please let me know.

As of recently I can't do a full checkout of the Python sources 
anymore *with MacCVS Pro on Mac OS 9*. (distant rumbling and 
cursing of MacCVS Pro is heard)

What happens is that the cvs *server* aborts with a signal 11 
while trying to check out Doc/pyexpat.tex. Of course, if I try 
with a different CVS client the server happily checks the file 
out, otherwise I wouldn't be bothering you. And I inspected the 
last few revisions of pyexpat.tex and there's no obvious changes 
that I can imagine would blow up a cvs server.

I can get rid of MacCVS Pro and switch back to the 
much-more-pro-in-my-mind MacCVS (as it supports ssh nowadays, 
finally) but that'll be a hassle, so if anyone has any bright 
ideas please fire away!
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