[Python-Dev] Patch 592529: Split-out ntmodule.c

Martin v. L÷wis loewis@informatik.hu-berlin.de
09 Aug 2002 10:08:19 +0200

I'm collecting opinions on whether the module nt should live in its
own source code file; it currently lives in posixmodule.c.

http://python.org/sf/592529 has a patch that implements that feature.
Tim is -0, Guido is +0.5, more votes are needed.

If you are familiar with the code, it would be good if you could
comment on the following questions:

- should os2module.c get its own source code file as well?

- are the #ifdefs in the resulting ntmodule.c still needed?
  I believe they are, as the various compilers appear to support
  different sets of functions in their C libraries. Of course,
  most of these could be eliminated if the C is avoided in favour
  of the Win32 API. Alternatively, can anybody with access to any
  of these compilers (BorlandC, Watcom, IBM) please comment on
  which functions provided by MSVC are missing in those compilers?