[Python-Dev] _sre as part of python.dll

Duncan Booth duncan@rcp.co.uk
Mon, 12 Aug 2002 11:02:11 +0100

On 10 Aug 2002 at 20:38, Christian Tismer wrote:

> Duncan Booth wrote:
> ...
> > _sre is used by any application that imports 'os'. That (IMHO) is almost 
> > every non-trivial Python program.
> Sure? Then try this in a Windows shell:

Sjoerd Mullender already pointed out I got this wrong. Unfortunately, for reasons 
that currently escape me, my response disappeared into a black hole and didn't 
appear on the mailing list.

I jumped to the wrong conclusion because running py2exe on a program that 
imports os always includes _sre.dll in the files for distribution. This is because the 
os module does indeed import _sre, but only when the function that uses it is 
actually called. So any program that imports os includes _sre in the automatically 
generated list of denpendencies, but it may or may not actually import it.
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