[Python-Dev] Deprecation warning on integer shifts and such

Steve Holden sholden@holdenweb.com
Mon, 12 Aug 2002 15:05:01 -0400

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> > > Oops.  Darn.  You're right.  Sigh.  That's painful.  We have to add a
> > > new format code (or more) to accept signed 32-bit ints but also longs
> > > in range(32).
> >
> > Rather than inventing something new to be compatible to the existing
> > old status quo, I'd rather like to see new format codes for unsigned
> > integers and/or longs and have the existing ones support the new
> > status quo.
> That's okay too.  The function could be PyInt_AsUnsignedLong().  It
> could convert negative 32-bit ints to unsigned as a backward
> compatibility measure (with warning?) that will eventually disappear.
> The format code could be 'I' for unsigned int, but I don't know what
> to use for unsigned long.  Or perhaps still use 'k'/'K' for masK?

Does 32 here actually mean 32, or does it mean length of int -- I'm
presuming there are or will be platforms with 64-bit PyInts?

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