[Python-Dev] Re: [PythonLabs] PEP 2

Martin v. Loewis martin@v.loewis.de
13 Aug 2002 00:59:41 +0200

Martijn Faassen <faassen@vet.uu.nl> writes:

> [Barry]
>  I was going to point David at PEP 2 as the guidelines for getting modules 
>  added to the standard library, but I don't think PEP 2 really describes 
>  current practice.

> What PEP 2 tries to supply is a procedure to follow if people
> have already decided they would like to try to get a module or set of
> modules accepted into the standard library. They can decide this before
> or after they write the module; the PEP doesn't care -- as long as the
> module is there when they submit the library PEP. At least they know
> there'll be Integrators that will review things, and they know they had
> better come up with some maintainers before submitting the PEP.

I always read the PEP in precisely that way, and I think it is just
fine as it stands.

*Of course*, the BDFL can decide to incorporate any new modules any
time he wants. The PEP is to give people a guideline if they want to
get a module "in" that the BDFL doesn't outright want: they need to
offer supporting it, and they need to document it, provide test cases,
etc - then there is a good chance that the BDFL won't object.

This also gives the BDFL the explicit power to remove the module when
problems surface with it and the original authors ran away - it
essentially ties contributors to their contribution, which I see as a
good thing.