[Python-Dev] type categories

Andrew Koenig ark@research.att.com
15 Aug 2002 09:09:05 -0400

Martijn> Oren Tirosh wrote:

Oren> I propose that any method or attribute may serve as a
Oren> marker. This makes it possible to use an existing practice as a
Oren> marker so protocols can be defined retroactively for an existing
Oren> code base. It's also possible, of course, to add an attribute
Oren> called 'has_property_such_and_such' to serve as an explicit
Oren> marker.

Martijn> This is an interesting idea. I'd say you could plug such a
Martijn> thing into an interface system, by making
Martijn> 'interface.isImplementedBy()' calling some hooks that may
Martijn> dynamically claim an object implements an interface, based on
Martijn> methods and attributes.

In that case, a marker is really just an interface with a single element.

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