[Python-Dev] Introduction of new project

Laszlo Asboth laszlo.asboth@yageo.com
Mon, 26 Aug 2002 11:31:53 +0100

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Dear all,

I would like to inform you that I started a new project. 
Please see attached file.

Many thanks and best regards,

Laszlo Asboth

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<br><font size=2 face="sans-serif">Dear all,</font>
<br><font size=2 face="sans-serif">I would like to inform you that I started a new project. </font>
<br><font size=2 face="sans-serif">Please see attached file.</font>
<br><font size=2 face="sans-serif">Many thanks and best regards,<br>
Laszlo Asboth<br>
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"TAKAS" Project Introduction

The idea of this project was arisen already 10 years ago. At that time in H=
ungary mostly was used computers with Intel 386 processor and Novell 3.1 op=
eration system. Due to informatics development there was made a lot of new =
programs. I found a problem with them. For each task we used other standalo=
ne program, in most cases made by totally different supplier/programmer. Th=
e bottleneck of such kind of way of working is that each program needs to b=
e updated with the same data. This means waste of energy. Then came up an i=
dea, why we do not use only one system for all tasks, which can be done by =
computer within a company?
At my next workplace found the same situation. While this company was multi=
national company the decision about each important issue came from abroad. =
Here we used more different operating systems than before (Windows 3.1, Nov=
ell, AS/400).
In my existing workplace (started at 2nd of February 1998) the so called "d=
iffusion" had been grown, against that we use more ERP & CRM systems like B=
aan, SAP, etc. Fortunately between these systems a lot of interfaces were b=
uilt to share data (via automatic ftp jobs). After introducing the structur=
e of the informatics's system I found that we use these systems only partly=
. This shows for me that these systems can not fulfil fundamental (all) req=
uirements of a normal company.

After more than 4 yearly preparation and collection of experiences I decide=
d to start to build an own ERP & CRM system which applies the existing know=
ledge of mine and volunteer's who joins to this idea.

Mine main philosophy is that the computer should serve people and not oppos=
ite (as works nowadays).

Meaning the name of the project:
The name has no definite meaning. At my workplace I work together with a co=
lleague. When I discussed with him about this idea, he thought there is som=
ething in it too. We started to plan it. While we are already on way we nee=
d to call the project somehow. After some thinking and intuition the name w=
as found: TAKAS. This is coming from two slices: "TAK" and "AS". Both are c=
oming from our names (TAKacs, ASboth).

Purpose of the project:
The project has the following purposes:=20
* Build only one new - homogeneous - computer system, which helps operate t=
o maintain data of the company.
* Create a framework where possible to find and realise a solution on an ea=
sier, faster way.

* Robust, fast, easy to use
* Clasps all tasks of informatics of an arbitrary big organisation
* Decreases time of maladministration
* Increases the level of services within and between companies
* Much less bug possibilities (no any interfaces necessary)
* Each data needs to enter once and at the point of origin only (efficiency=
, more disengagedness)
* The user works in unitary surface (less learning time)
* Economical solution, while it can be modified easily

The project would like to reach: all data, which can be handled via compute=
rs, should be handled in this system only. That means integrate all tasks i=
n computer into this program (beside normal direction of the company the sy=
stem should handle the e-mails, fax, personal tasks, contacts, etc. too).

Philosophy of the project:
>From company's management point of view the purpose to use this system can =
be to build an effective, economical organisation with it. A system is good=
 when the user can faster and easier use it.

Other important issue is the cost of the programs. There are big difference=
s between people about. Most of the managers think that programs bought fro=
m software companies shares the responsibility of use. The consequence of t=
his kind of thinking is higher cost.
There are a lot of programs which costs very little or nothing (called shar=
eware, freeware or open source programs). My experience shows that program =
of both categories work fine.
At the beginning of the project should be decided which category this syste=
m will join. We already discussed about. It can be evident that experts can=
 be found with charge only. My opinion (was and) is now that it can be foun=
d good people who join to the project in behalf of creation and psychologic=
al appreciation only. On other hand I am sure that later on we will get bac=
k our efforts in material form too.

This means that this project will be on the open source category. Certainly=
 before the real implementation we have to find the concord how can the pro=
ject continue to exist and fluent grow.

This philosophy brought already big result according to many projects on th=
e Internet where a lot of experts are participated.

There is other point of view. The project has a purpose to help people to g=
row and develop themselves too. New ideas, proposals change the world into =
a better way as we go now. I think this issue will be much more concrete la=
ter on.

To be successful with this project it has to have very good background. Sho=
uld be defined which operating system, graphical interface, programming lan=
guage and database is the best for this project.

Operating system:
Beside Windows there are a lot of other operating system. Although there ar=
e a lot of good things in it, I think for us better to choose FreeBSD, beca=
use it is organised by a "core-team", works robustly, grows dynamically and=
 well documented.

Programming language:
In this area we can find a lot of them starting from the low level to high =
level languages. My opinion is that we need a high level programming langua=
ge for this project. After a long search on Internet I found Python program=
ming language. This language takes into account best the object-oriented ph=
ilosophy. The advantage of Python is that can be used as low level and high=
 level operation too. There are a lot of packages to it, which are very use=
ful to create arbitrary program. The possibility to use it on mostly used o=
perating systems is a very good aspect too.

Graphical interface:
We need a graphical interface too, while to my opinion a reliable system in=
 our world should work with it. There are more interfaces to Python too, I =
think for us the wxPython is the best choice.

Database manager:
This point is the most important for such a big system. There is 2 differen=
t type of database managers: relational and object-oriented. In the past I =
introduced relational databases only. After knowing Python I found Zope Obj=
ect DataBase (ZODB). The main advantage of it that it was written in Python=
. There is an "extension" for it Zope Enterprise Objects (ZEO) which provid=
es to connect to ZODB via network. My existing experience about ZEO that it=
 is not ready for handling more than 1 database in same time (I hope maybe =
this project gives the chance to go further in this way).

The above mentioned backgrounds are the fundamentals of the project. Certai=
nly each idea, which can help to make better solutions, is welcome. I know =
that there are a lot of experts who knows much more about these and other c=
omponents than I. This is the reason why I would like to ask anybody to joi=
n to the project.

Introdution of the actor:
I would like to introduce myself too. My name is L=E1szl=F3 Asb=F3th. I am =
38 years old. I have 2 children (my daughter D=F3ra 13, my son =C1d=E1m 7).=
 I live in Hungary, at 5 Kiss J. str, in S=E1rv=E1r. My professions are lan=
d surveyor, computer programmer and preventive parapsychologist.
My existing workplace is in Szombathely, called Phycomp Hungary Kft. I work=
 as a program engineer.
My first impression about computers started when the first IBM AT computers=
 came to Matav Rt (the biggest telecommunication's company of Hungary). I d=
id not know the command "dir" yet. I started to play with it, because it wa=
s very interesting. After some months I learned a lot about DOS, and starte=
d to make a program in Basic language. This was a "TOTO" program. Although =
we won some money on the second week we could not make a fortune. My boss s=
howed my interest for computers he assigned me to a new post. Then I starte=
d to learn programming, which I ended in 1993. I learned more computer lang=
uages (Clipper, Pascal, C). On my existing workplace in 1998 met with the U=
nix operating system and Baan ERP system. I learned to program in Baan as a=
Last year I started seriously search for components to the project.=20

In my spare time I am interested in self-development. I use and teach some =
methods in this area.

When you think this project has something for you, or you have interest to =
join, please contact me. When you can give some advises only they are welco=
me too.

Thank you very much for reading this introduction (excuse me for my english=

In S=E1rv=E1r, on 19th of august, 2002.

L=E1szl=F3 Asb=F3th

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