[Python-Dev] distutils & stderr

Greg Ward gward@python.net
Thu, 31 Jan 2002 22:06:35 -0500

On 31 January 2002, Skip Montanaro said:
> If I could "cvs up" I would submit a patch, but in the meantime, is there
> any good reason that distutils shouldn't write its output to stderr?  I'm
> using PyInline to execute a little bit of C code that returns some
> information about the system to the calling Python code.  This code then
> sends some output to stdout.

Because stderr is for error messages.  Most of the noise generated by
the Distutils is optional, here's-what-I'm-doing-now stuff -- ie. *not*
errors.  If there are Distutils messages that are not silenced with -q,
that's a bug (and probably pretty easy to fix, too).

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