[Python-Dev] Want to co-design and implement a logging module?

Michael Hudson mwh@python.net
11 Feb 2002 15:31:53 +0000

Greg Ward <gward@python.net> writes:

> On 04 February 2002, Trent Mick volunteered to "do something"
> about a standard logging module for Python:
> > How about I try to have a PEP together within a week or two, and perhaps a
> > working base implementation?
> Well, it's been exactly 7 days.  Trent, are you halfway done yet?  ;-)
> (Yes, I've been thinking that the solution to the Distutils' verbosity
> problem lies somewhere down this road.)

But I believe that 1.5.2 compatibility is still relavent for
distutils, so a logging module in 2.3 is not especially helpful,
unless one can come up with some scheme whereby the standalone
distutils packages can use a bundled logger and the 2.3 distutils use
the library one.

I had a go at implementing a very KISS approach to distutils logging
this morning and found what I was doing conflicted horribly with
distutils' current practice, so I stopped.


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