[Python-Dev] Order that site-packages is added to sys.path

M.-A. Lemburg mal@lemburg.com
Tue, 12 Feb 2002 11:52:05 +0100

"Martin v. Loewis" wrote:
> - As a compromise, you might consider falling back to the email
>   package if you determine it is good enough at installation time, by
>   playing with xemail.__init__.__path__, or even replacing xemail with
>   email in the same way that xml is replaced with _xmlplus.

Those kind of hacks should not be needed if Barry puts his own
email package inside the Mailman package. All local imports
will pick up his version automatically; even though I'd suggest 
to use explicit imports for it in the Mailman code to avoid magical
problems ;-)

Hacking __path__ should really only be the last resort... it
(usually) breaks installers, gives importers a hard time, 

We should not consider this good practice even though it
may be needed sometimes (e.g. by PyXML).

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