[Python-Dev] re: syntactic sugar idea for {static,class}methods

James_Althoff@i2.com James_Althoff@i2.com
Tue, 12 Feb 2002 13:38:24 -0800

I would think that specifying a list (as in  [staticmethod]) would be very
desirable so that you could do a sequence of transformations, not just one.
Michael's examples seem to suggest elements of an Aspect-oriented approach
to things.  If you have several relevant "Aspect wrappers", then you might
want to apply each cascaded in sequence.  If, using previous examples, I
want a "static" method that is also "memoized" and "SOAPed" I could write:

        def mymethod(arg) [staticmethod,memoize,webmethod]:

or some such combination that is presumably well-defined.