[Python-Dev] syntactic sugar idea for {static,class}methods

Barry A. Warsaw barry@zope.com
Wed, 13 Feb 2002 14:32:12 -0500

>>>>> "MH" == Michael Hudson <mwh@python.net> writes:

    MH> barry@zope.com (Barry A. Warsaw) writes:

    >> "MH" == Michael Hudson <mwh@python.net> writes:
    >> I'd leave them out of the picture, unless you mean to imply
    >> that a list is acceptable in that position <wink>.
    >> MH> Well, it is, at the moment...  Well, that's pretty neat!
    >> Maybe FAST, but neat. :)

    MH> No, you're going to have to explain that.  (Googling for
    MH> "FAST" isn't terribly enlightening...).

It stands for "facinating and stomach turning", a reference to a
docstring-based mechanism John Aycock used for his parser technology.