[Python-Dev] SSL support in _socket

M.-A. Lemburg mal@lemburg.com
Thu, 14 Feb 2002 18:45:40 +0100

Jeremy Hylton wrote:
> >>>>> "AB" == Anthony Baxter <anthony@ekit-inc.com> writes:
>   AB> The whole subject of socket and SSL support came up at a
>   AB> lunchtime chat on developers day (and my jetlagged brain has
>   AB> totally failed to supply me the names of who I was talking to at
>   AB> the time...). Wouldn't it be better to rip the SSL support out
>   AB> entirely, and provide a way to hook the transport layer stuff on
>   AB> top of the standard socket object?
> It is certainly attractive to focus future development on a separate C
> extension module.  The current SSL support was included because we
> thought it would be nice to allow people to open https URLs.  The code
> itself is problematic for many reasons, not least of which is its very
> minimal feature set.  But getting the right Python interface for a
> large library like OpenSSL is a big task.  I think it's better suite
> for 3rd party libraries that the core (and such libraries do exist,
> though I've never used them).

FYI, I'm moving the SSL out of _socket and into _ssl.c. socket.py
will then try to import _ssl, but move along if it cannot import
that module for some reason.

For true SSL support, you should look at M2Crypto.

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