[Python-Dev] new property factory arguments

john coppola john_coppola_r_s@yahoo.com
Mon, 18 Feb 2002 06:20:28 -0800 (PST)

--- Jason Orendorff <jason@jorendorff.com> wrote:
> With minor changes, this works already.

> class Foo(property):
>     def __get__(self, container, _type=None):
> 	print "this is get"
> 	print "self:", self
 . . . 

I didn't subclass from property?  I do believe my with
example, any object new or old could be used as a
property.  And by looking at the code, property_init
clearly did not include GetAttr methods for __get__,
__set__, __del__.

If fact, there is not reason to include __delete__,
why not use __del__ instead?

If you send any ole python class instance to property
your code fails.  Thats the need for the change.

Without my patch...
class Bar(object): # <== object!
	def __get__(self,container,tp=None):
		print "get"
	def __set__(self,container,value):
		print "set"
	def __delete__(self,container):
		print "del"
>>> class Foo(object):
	x=property(Bar()) #performs coersion 
>>> a=Foo()
>>> a.x

With my patch, it works.

Infact, I feel very strongly, that the old syntax
should be removed.  Better now then later. 
property(fget,fset,fdel,fdoc) does not make much sense
in the new object oriented world of python.

John Coppola

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