[Stackless] Re: [Python-Dev] Stackless Design Q.

Christian Tismer tismer@tismer.com
Thu, 21 Feb 2002 13:13:28 +0100

Greg Ewing wrote:

> Christian Tismer <tismer@tismer.com>:


>>But auto-scheduled frames are a diffeent kind
>>of thing than those which are in "waiting for data"
>>state. I need to distinguish them or I will crash.
> If you get rid of the idea of passing values between tasklets as part
> of the switching process, then this distinction disappears. I think
> that value-passing and tasklet-switching are orthogonal activities and
> would be better decoupled.

Hmm, first I thought you were wrong:

Any Python function that calls something, may it be a stackless
schedule function or something else, expects a value to
be returned. Always and ever.

But when I have a scheduler counter built into the Python
interpreter loop, then a schedule will happen *between*
opcodes. Such a frame is not awaiting data, and therefor
not suitable to be switched to by one which is in data

Now I see it: You mean I can make this schedule function behave
like a normal function call, that accepts and drops a dummy
value? In fact, this would make all tasklets compatible.

thinking - thanks - chris

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