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FWIW, some of my Boost colleagues have been watching SF's future prospects
with some suspicion. The financial outlook is worrisome; I submitted a
support request in April 2001 that still hasn't been addressed (
1). We're establishing all new services elsewhere, and even moving some old
ones. For the long-term health of Python, you might want to make sure you're
prepared to move quickly if neccessary.

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> [Kevin Jacobs]
> > ...
> > I have a collection of about ~8 more bugs that is expending as I
> > grow my test suite.  Before I spray all of them onto SF, I want
> > to hear from Guido, since some of my "bugs" are potentially subjective.
> The best way to hear from Guido is to post bugs, and suspected bugs, to
> SourceForge, one bug per report.  There's so much verbiage about this now
> Python-Dev that I doubt he'll ever be able to make time to catch up with
> when he returns.  A great advantage of a good bug report is that it's
> focused and brief.
> Slots were definitely intended as a memory optimization, and the ways in
> which they don't act like "regular old attributes" are at best warts.
> > I _have_ tried three times to post a summary-bug to SF and its not
> > (as usual).  Is just me or is SF flaky as hell?  The last time I tried
> > post a bug, it kicked me out and was "Down for maintenance" for some
> > after that.  Now it won't let me login since it thinks I haven't
> > responded to the new account confirmation e-mail.  Grrrrrrrrrr
> It *sounds* like you're getting started with SF.  Once it agrees not to
> you <wink>, life gets a lot easier.  It's not flaky in general, but it
> suffer bouts of extreme flakiness from time to time.
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