[Python-Dev] What's blocking 2.2.1?

Michael Hudson mwh@python.net
22 Feb 2002 14:10:10 +0000

I think I'm caught up on porting fixes from the trunk to the
release22-maint branch.  Now would be a good time to shout if you
think I've missed something (although I might not read my email before

(I've entirely ignored the Mac subtree here.  Jack, that's your
problem, I'm afraid).

There are still some bugs in the trunk that need fixing, though.

[ #496873 ] cPickle / time.struct_time loop
 - I think this one is firmly in Guido's domain.
[ #501591 ] dir() doc is old
 - probably not that hard.

are all that are marked as 2.2.1 candidates (apart from two MacOS
bugs), but there are probably more.  I don't want to trawl through all
the 250+ (!) open bugs to look for them if I don't have to, so can I
ask people to nominate bugs they know of?


  We've had a lot of problems going from glibc 2.0 to glibc 2.1.
  People claim binary compatibility.  Except for functions they
  don't like.                       -- Peter Van Eynde, comp.lang.lisp