[Python-Dev] RE: Tkinter versus Windows

Jeff Hobbs JeffH@ActiveState.com
Mon, 25 Feb 2002 15:38:35 -0800

I added a note to the bug report, which was correct.  The fix was
already made in the Tcl head, but I back-ported it to the 8.3-branch
of Tcl for those who want to be able to grab that and work against it.


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> From: Tim Peters [mailto:tim.one@comcast.net]
> FYI, someone just added a new entry to the ancient Python "Programs using
> Tkinter sometimes can't shut down (Windows)" bug report that everyone gave
> up on.  John Popplewell claims to have found the (a?) cause, in part:
> """
> Managed to track it down to a problem inside Tcl.
> For the Tcl8.3.4 source distribution the problem is in
> the file win/tclWinNotify.c
> """
> Beats me, but a claim so specific is probably worth checking out:
> <http://sf.net/tracker/?func=detail&atid=105470&aid=216289&group_id=5470>