[Python-Dev] Re: Infinie recursion in Pickle

François Pinard pinard@iro.umontreal.ca
01 Jul 2002 08:39:41 -0400

[Oleg Broytmann]

> On Sun, Jun 30, 2002 at 04:32:35PM -0400, Tim Peters wrote:

> > Attaching new info to a shared bug report is much more effective.

You know, it is only effective when it works!  The SF tracker did not work
for me.  I filed a bug, and checked it was correctly saved (through tedious
paging all over).  Then, much later, I received a message from a maintainer
saying that my report was empty.  It surely was not after I filed it.

I guess the SF tracker works only for those using it very often :-).

> Ah, I see now. I am strictly attached to email and email archives, and I
> am always hating web-based collaboration tools, but you made a good point.
> Still, life is too short to spend it in the SF slooow interface :(

Slow, hardly usable, and not even dependable.  Email might be less
black-holish, after all.  Moreover, most people (maintainers included)
know how to read and file an email.  I've a hard time believing people
who tell me that maintainers are unable to sort emails without loosing
them, or that I can really sort their own email better than they can.
I usually praise maintainers as intelligent people. :-)

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