[Python-Dev] Customization docs

David Abrahams David Abrahams" <david.abrahams@rcn.com
Sat, 1 Jun 2002 10:38:13 -0400

From: "Guido van Rossum" <guido@python.org>

> > As I indicated in my previous mail, I didn't expect any other result.
> Then your question was formulated strangely.  You showed the result
> and said "how does it know that list items are immutable"; the context
> suggested strongly to me that you had expected something else.
> > My question was about what a new type needs to do in order for things
> > work properly in Python.
> You could have asked that directly. :-)

Incorrect background assumptions have a way of fouling communication. I
hope it's obvious that I'm making an effort to be clear.