[Python-Dev] Bizarre new test failure

Neil Schemenauer nas@python.ca
Thu, 6 Jun 2002 22:31:04 -0700

Tim Peters wrote:
> test test_gc failed -- test_list: actual 10, expected 1


> Here's the list of garbage objects it found:
> [<class 'test_descr.mysuper'>,
>  {'__dict__': <attribute '__dict__' of 'mysuper' objects>,
>  '__module__': 'test_descr',
>  '__weakref__': <member '__weakref__' of 'mysuper' objects>,
>  '__doc__': None,
>  '__init__': <function __init__ at 0x00CC00D8>},
>  (<class 'test_descr.mysuper'>, <type 'super'>, <type 'object'>),
>  (<type 'super'>,),
>  [[...]],
>  <attribute '__dict__' of 'mysuper' objects>,
>  <member '__weakref__' of 'mysuper' objects>,
>  <function __init__ at 0x00CC00D8>,
>  (<cell at 0x00CB4DB0: type object at 0x00768420>,),
>  <cell at 0x00CB4DB0: type object at 0x00768420>]

I wonder if some new cyclic garbage structure needs two gc.collect()
passes in order to break it up.