[Python-Dev] Socket timeout patch

Michael Gilfix mgilfix@eecs.tufts.edu
Fri, 7 Jun 2002 16:40:22 -0400

On Fri, Jun 07 @ 13:17, Bernard Yue wrote:
> Looks like I have missed the war, folks!  I will work on the test 
> suite.  The orginal test_timeout.py is incomplete.  I actually had 
> problem when writing test case for accept(), using blocking() and 
> makefile().  Guido, you are right on the point, the test suite 
> should work without the timeout code as well.  If I've done that ...
> As for the scope of the test suite, I would prefer to focus on socket 
> timeout test for now.  Though there will be overlapping test for socket 
> timeout test and socket test, we can always merge it later.

  Sounds good. I'll work on rewriting test_socket.py, which needs
to be done anyway to better test the _fileobject in windows -
especially if we decide to adopt that later. I'll run some profiling
tests and we'll see how painful it is. That way Guido can smack me
appropriately. I'll probably be able to draft one up tomorrow (I doubt
this evening).

> [Guido]
> > - Cross-platform testing.  It's possible that the cleanup broke things
> >   on some platforms, or that select() doesn't work the same way.  I
> >   can only test on Windows and Linux; there is code specific to OS/2
> >   and RISCOS in the module too.
> [Michael]
> >   This was a concern from the beginning but we had some chat on the
> > dev list and concluded that any system supporting sockets has to
> > support select or some equivalent (hence the initial reason for using
> > the select module, although I agree it was expensive).
> I now have Visual C++ version 6, but still limited to Windows and 
> Linux.  I think once we are done with this two platform, we can ask 
> people to run the test on other platform.  But I agreed with Michael
> that using python select module put us on the safer side.

  Great. We need some more win testing since it's so much different
than *nix.

                    -- Mike

Michael Gilfix

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