[Python-Dev] Socket timeout patch

Aahz aahz@pythoncraft.com
Fri, 7 Jun 2002 21:40:33 -0400

On Fri, Jun 07, 2002, Guido van Rossum wrote:
> - The original timeout socket code (in Python) by Tim O'Malley had a
>   global timeout which you could set so that *all* sockets
>   *automatically* had their timeout set.  This is nice if you want it
>   to affect library modules like urllib or ftplib.  That feature is
>   currently missing.  Should we add it?  (I have some concerns about
>   it, in that it might break other code -- and it doesn't seem wise to
>   do this for server-end sockets in general.  But it's a nice hack for
>   smaller programs.)

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