[Python-Dev] large file support

Martin v. Loewis martin@v.loewis.de
17 Jun 2002 23:44:59 +0200

jeremy@zope.com (Jeremy Hylton) writes:

> However, I'm still unhappy with one thing related to large file
> support.  If you've got a Python that doesn't have large file support
> and you try os.path.exists() on a large file, it will return false.
> This is really bad!

I believe this is a pilot error. On a system that supports large
files, it is the administrator's job to make sure the Python
installation has large file support enabled, otherwise, strange things
may happen.

So yes, it is bad, but no, it is not really bad. Feel free to fix it,
but be prepared to include work-arounds in many other places, too.